Cerebral Palsy and Compelling Podcasts

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Whitney Bailey is 30 years old and has dedicated her days to teaching the world about her life with a disability. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Whitney faces more challenges than most on a day-to-day basis, but she does not let that stop her from accomplishing all of her goals! She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitation Services and a Master’s Degree in Special Education, in addition to being the best “Cool Aunt” to her nieces and nephews. While in quarantine, she decided to put her extra free-time to good use. Noticing that there are few resources for adults with Cerebral Palsy, she created her own podcast, “Spastic Chatter”. Her podcast has taken off and found that her schedule has booked her show up from March to August, with 22 episodes created so far! To learn more about “Spastic Chatter” and to check out some of her episodes, you can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Youtube.

The goal of “Spastic Chatter” is to share stories of life with Cerebral Palsy, so we just had to ask Whitney what her favorite products are. Whitney lives in her wheelchair, and she describes herself as pretty short, so her reacher is one of her favorite products. When she drops something, her arms just are not long enough to reach the things she needs to pick up! The reacher has been a game changer for helping her grab the things she needs. 

The other product she could not live without is one that most people will probably relate with – her Amazon Alexa. Being able to ask the Alexa to make a call or send a message to a loved one. Not only does this increase her personal convenience, but it helps her feel safer. If something were to happen to her, she would be able to have Alexa call for help! At first, Whitney was worried about the capability of her Alexa, because her speech is sometimes not as clear due to her Cerebral Palsy. Amazon helped Whitney feel much more comfortable and confident because Alexa learned to understand her voice the more she talked. After years of owning her Alexa, it can now pick up Whitney’s voice right away!

Besides her favorite products, we talked to Whitney a little bit about her dating life. Whitney is currently engaged to the man of her dreams and she could not be happier. She had always said she would NEVER be with someone who was in a wheelchair, but the universe had other plans. She met her current fiancé on a dating site and knew that him having a wheelchair was far from a dealbreaker. She hopes that everyone with a disability who wants to get in a relationship is willing to give people a chance. If she had not been open to the idea of dating someone in a wheelchair, she never would have been as happy as she is now. 

We were able to make our interview with Whitney a double whammy – not only were we able to interview her, but we were interviewed for “Spastic Chatter.” Before we jumped into learning more about Whitney, we shared our product with Whitney. We were ecstatic to learn that the Buttons 2 Button magnetic button adaptors helped give her some new independence! She told us that she used to avoid wearing button-up shirts because she knew she would have to ask someone for help. Thanks to our product, Whitney can now wear more shirts than she ever could, ensuring that she gets to rock whatever clothes she wants, when she wants!

Thank you so much to Whitney for meeting us for our two-way interview! Be sure to head to our Facebook page to watch the full video and your favorite Podcast distributor to listen to “Spastic Chatter.”

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