Embracing Our Perfectly Imperfect Selves

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Trend-Able.com is a website, fashion blog, and community for the “perfectly imperfect” founded by Lainie Ishbia. Trend-Able is a platform for those with invisible disabilities and illnesses to gather for support. Find fashion tips and tricks to improve accessibility, and gain general life advice. Lainie is a strong and independent woman that didn’t let  (CMT) disease define her, but rather created a platform to promote strength and personal growth. Gina Adams, Wareologie’s founder, was fortunate to sit down and meet Lainie. Here’s a woman who understands what it’s like to face adversity. Determined not to let her disability define her, she researches and finds innovative solutions to express her unique style and carry out daily activities with ease.

An incredibly important part of Trend-Able is that the advice and tricks offered on the platform come from real experiences. Talking with Lainie she opened up about the process of getting leg braces and some of the annoyances with wearing them. She said she hated her leg braces at first and a big fear of hers was that because of the braces she would have to wear ugly shoes she didn’t like for the rest of her life. Of course, how we present ourselves goes hand-in-hand with confidence and happiness. Lainie took it upon herself to find what would work for her. She found that she can wear sandals with her braces, and that she’s able to comfortably wear many shoes other than the doctor recommended orthopedic style sneakers! This gave way to a great point made by Lainie; everyone needs to find what works for them and will make them most comfortable. It’s important to research and know what questions to ask before going to see an orthotist. The Trend-Able founder explained that on her own she learned about carbon fiber braces, which are much lighter and a lower profile. These braces are able to be concealed under even slim-fit jeans. She explained that it took her a while to learn about these braces because they are not often suggested first by the orthotist due to the structure of the current medical system, and that it’s important for people to do their own research and know what questions to ask. The  helps with these important questions and so many other topics related to having different types of disabilities or limitations. 

Trend-able.com offers many different accessibility ideas and life hacks. Lainie shared a couple other ideas with us to help with daily accessibility for those with dexterity issues. One idea is to punch a hole in a debit card, avoiding the magnetic strip, and put a key ring through that hole. This way, it’s easier to remove the card from a wallet. She also gave us a tip to help pick up smaller items off of flat surfaces. For example, coins on the ground are hard to pick up. Lainie carries a small lint roller with her and uses the sticky surface to pick up items. This is an easy and affordable solution to a daily issue that affects many people. 

Trend-Able has created a platform of support, innovation, ideas, and confidence. These and many other life accessibility tips, blogs and tricks are available on the Trend-able website, trend-able.com. 

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