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By Emma Kuechler


When we were looking to record a Mother’s Day Special for our Interview Series, there was no doubt in our minds that we knew one of the strongest, most incredible mothers to feature. Pauline Victoria is a Mom, Life Coach, and Business Owner who lives a life just like most Moms, but with one difference – she was born without arms and has only one leg. Trying to balance work and family is difficult, but Pauline handles it like a pro, despite her physical limitations. Pauline encapsulates all of the qualities that the Ware • ologie Team sees in a fantastic Mom. Pauline Victoria is an inspirational leader and is the founder and CEO of where she hosts Chair Chats, a lifestyle web TV talk show that addressed the various issues related to relationships, health, recreation, and more while living with disabilities. 

From the moment she was born, Pauline experienced a life that many people could not imagine enduring. Growing up feeling like she did not fit in, she had to learn to see her life as a blessing, instead of a “tragedy”. Through the love and encouragement of her parents, she worked past her personal obstacles to find her true calling – showing others that they do have worth. As a result of her experiences, she believes that there are no limits to uncovering your full potential as a human being. Her philosophy is “You are not at the mercy of the deck life handed you. Each of us are born to be victorious.” With the right support system, you can face any roadblock that might be in your way and fulfill your true potential. Pauline holds this knowledge, and with it launched the online course, Belief Breakthroughs, to be the support system you need to realize it yourself. 

Pauline really is a Mom like no other. A child requires a lot of physical labor, which is a large challenge when you are missing 3 of your limbs. According to Pauline, there are two large concepts that contributed to her success as a parent, the first being communication between her and her husband. Before trying to have kids, she waited until her husband was fully on board with the idea of having a child before she let herself fall in love with the idea. From the moment they decided to have a child, they decided that open and honest communication would be required in parenting their son. The other factor in her parenting success? Teamwork. Pauline’s husband had children from a previous marriage, and their help, along with her husband and mother, was crucial to her success. Her team of family members acted as her arms and legs and supported her as she transitioned into her new reality as a mother. Pauline and her team were able to create a balance where they assisted her with maternal duties without taking over her role as the Mom. One of the most important parts of being a new Mom is allowing yourself to receive help when you need it, and that is something Pauline is grateful she was able to do.

Her journey as a parent was never perfect. However, being a new mother while having a physical disability was originally very hard on Pauline’s mental health. Realizing that she did not have the physical capacity to nurture her child in a traditional sense made her feel like she was even more disabled than she actually was. She felt like less of a parent because she had fewer limbs. However, like all of the obstacles she faced, Pauline soon realized that being a Mom is not just a physical role, but an emotional one. Tackling the physical jobs, such as nursing and being able to coddle a baby, does not make you a perfect parent. In fact, the perfect parent does not exist! Giving your child the love and resources that they need to feel supported makes you the best parent that you can be. Pauline found that as soon as she realized that her role as a parent was not about her, but about her son, she was able to humble her negative self-image of herself as a parent and really deepen her connection with her child. 

Pauline’s son is now a pre-teen, and she is so proud of the young man he is growing up to be. They love to explore parks, play board games, and ride bikes together, and she hopes that he still wants to hang out with her as he gets further into his teen years. At the same time, she makes sure that she is still his parent and not just his friend. He gets his alone time to play Minecraft with his friends, but is still expected to do well in school and be a positive member of society. She credits the lessons she learned from her own parents to how she parents her own son. Their golden rule is: if you fall down, get back up and try again. 

This method of parenting extends to her program, . She encourages all of the Moms out there to join her on her journey. She wants to give you the tools you need to be your best self. As a Mom, you are constantly giving to your children, your spouses, and your community. It gets hard to constantly give so much to others, but in her 6-week course, Pauline will help you regain your sense of self and shift your perspective so that you can face your challenges and send positive energy to yourself, in addition to those around you.

For more information and to get involved with her program, visit her website: .

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