assistive Living Aids
Make Essential activities of daily living easy


Wareologie designs revolutionary assistive hard”ware” to restore levels of independence and empower people with physical challenges. Our mission is to provide transformative innovations to help people lead life to the fullest.


Whether recovering from surgery or faced with a degenerative illness such as arthritis or Parkinson’s, we develop state-of-the-art, proprietary devices to improve patient outcomes. We also distribute an assortment of specialty adaptive devices to help people regain self-care, self-confidence, and dignity.

Convert your shirt buttons to magnetic closures to make dressing effortless. 

Wareologie Assistive Aid

Enable Independent Living

Ware·ologie designs assistive hardware to restore independence and empower people with physical challenges with dignity.

We partner with premium assistive device brands to improve important personal care activities such as dressing, feeding and bathing

Support Healthcare Workers

Support for healthcare workers stems from identifying a massive need to improve patient therapy access.  Designed to revolutionize mobile rehab and improve patient outcomes. Now clinicians, OTs and PTs can bring vital therapy directly to the patient’s bedside.


The Greenhouse Initiative enables VHA clinicians to collaborate with the public sector to address challenges and advance technology through employee-centric user experience and feasibility testing to rapidly improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.


Wareologie's Story​

Shirt with Wareologie Buttons2ButtonThere are over 350 million people living with a disability in the world. Carrying out activities of daily living independently is challenging if not impossible. Loosing the ability to care for oneself and relying on caregivers and family members can be humiliating.

After witnessing the devastating impact of Parkinson’s our founder, Gina Adams, launched a R&D initiative at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan to better understand the needs of this underrepresented demographic. The simple fact is no matter the injury or chronic illness, everyone wants to look and feel their best. 

Wareologie’s innovative assistive living aids

Innovation and collaboration results in transformative solutions to increase levels of self-care and confidence. Ware•ologie launched in 2019 with our patented, first-to-market, assistive dressing device with Buttons 2 Button Magnetic Adaptors:

  • convert shirt buttons into magnetic closures in minutes. eliminates fidgety button hassles
  •  saves precious time
  • the freedom to choose button-up shirts that reflect one’s unique style.

using parallel bars
In 2020 our team pivoted to improve patient recovery outcomes. We discovered 90 million people miss vital physical therapy due to a lack access.

We developed the revolutionary Portable PT Parallel Bars to empower OT and PT’s anywhere, even the patient’s bedside.

  • standing
  • balancing
  • gait training therapy

Our team was selected by the VHA Innovators Network (iNet) and awarded a contract to propel the technology through the Greenhouse Initiative, a use-experience R&D program during the summer of 2021.

Our Featured Products

Adaptive Fashion made
easy with Magnetic
Button Adaptors

Convert your shirt buttons into magnetic closures to dress effortlessly. Restore independence and save time.

magnetic button adaptors

“I wanted to reach out myself and thank you. Buttons2Button worked out great! An amazing idea with an excellent execution. Felicia put them on the shirt with little difficulty and needless to say, I get dressed effortlessly now. We joke that we’re gonna hide them from her son…he’s quite lazy and would love to have something to lessen his arduous task of getting dressed every morning! ”

— Rich

“I feel your product truly allows patients/clients feel successful …. all our clients want is to be independent and to feel “normal “ again …. being able to dress oneself is huge in clothes they wore before. My good friend is an SLP in home health …. I sent her your email, as well.   She has a lot of different diagnoses, especially Parkinson’s, so your product will be very helpful.”

— Lauren M Garrisi MA, CCC-SLP, CBIST
Therapy Manager
Speech Language Pathologist


dress effortlessly e1600413509198


Dress independently.
Magnetic buttons to
make (un)dressing easy.

your shirt your style e1600413533724

Your Shirt
Your Style

No sewing required.
Magnetic buttons attach
to your shirt in minutes.

save time e1600413487219


Restore valuable time
and button your shirt
in seconds.


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