Our journey began talking to clients at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, where Roundtable volunteers provided key insights into product development.

“Ware·ologie” empowers people with disabilities to lead more independent lives. The company launched with Buttons 2 Button magnetic adaptors to make buttoning and unbuttoning easy.


The simple act of dressing oneself for 1 out of 6 people is a daily struggle. Difficulty buttoning shirts makes this activity of daily living a constant challenge. As you can imagine this can be frustrating and at times humiliating. Clothing options are limited, and often you have to resort to uncomfortable shirts because the disabled specific clothes are expensive and lack options regarding style and function.


Members of our Ware·ologie team understand first hand the physical and emotional impact on families and loved ones. The patent-pending, no-sew, adaptor sets convert traditional shirt buttons into magnetic closures to help overcome dexterity limitations faced with chronic illness or recovering from surgery.


Buttons 2 Button’s innovative design is easy to attach to shirts of your choice. Simply pop one part over the shirt button and the other part to the buttonhole to transform shirts into magnetic closures. Fine motor skills are necessary for installing, but are specially designed for long-term use and withstand regular washing and drying. The unique, semi-permanent attachment allows product to be used temporarily and transferable to other shirts. The limited edition magnetic buttons are sold in sets of 9 for $30 or in bulk quantities at RangeMe.com.

We have new products currently under development and will be expanding product assortment in 2021 to enhance essential activities of daily living. By making tasks such as dressing and bathing easier, we restore valuable time and enable the freedom to carry on with more important things in life. We are committed to developing highly functional products. We achieve this through collaborative R&D processes, designed and tested by the people we serve. 

We have tried the buttons with several patients and really like them. However, with our patients with hemiplegia, we found that the buttons all got stuck together when using hemi dressing strategies. Instead of putting a magnet on each button, we found that only putting them on a few buttons at the top of the shirt worked better. It made it easier to thread the shirt over the affected limb and head but kept the buttons from sticking together.

Carlie Daniels
Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan

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