Our journey began talking to clients at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, where Roundtable volunteers provided key insights into product development.

“Ware·ologie” empowers people with disabilities to lead more independent lives. Our company launched with the flagship  Buttons 2 Button magnetic adaptors to make buttoning and unbuttoning easy. We are thrilled to expand our product assortment with complimentary brands to offer assistive aids to enable self-care. 


Whether suffering from a chronic illness, such as arthritis, or recovering from a stroke or surgery, the fact is 1 out of 6 people cannot care for themselves independently. Members of our Ware•ologie team understand first hand the physical and emotional impact on individuals and family caregivers.  Difficulty carrying out personal tasks such as bathing, dressing and eating, is a constant challenge. As you can imagine, losing the ability to care for oneself is frustrating and often humiliating.  

Whether trying to get dressed or cut your nails, dependency on others is difficult. Clothing options for example, are limited and often one has to resort to uncomfortable shirts and pants because the disabled specific clothes are expensive and lack options that reflect one’s own unique style.

Our Ware•ologie team was inspired to disrupt the status quo. We offer simple solutions to bring transformative hard”ware” to market and restore essential activities. Save time and reduce dependency on caregivers with stylish, assistive aids.





We launched in with our patent-pending, Buttons 2 Button Magnetic Adaptors to eliminate button hassles and make dressing effortless. Convert traditional shirt buttons into magnetic closures in minutes with our no-sew, button converter sets to help overcome dexterity limitations commonly associated with chronic illness and recovering from surgery.

Collaborating with end-users, caregivers and clinicians, our Ware•ologie team identified numerous needs. Partnering with complimentary brands, we are excited to expand our product assortment to offer a variety of self-care solutions.

By making tasks such as dressing, eating, and bathing easier, we restore valuable time and empower people the freedom to focus on more important things in life. We are committed to offering highly functional products. We achieve this through a collaborative, user-experience research process, tested by the people we serve. 

We have tried the buttons with several patients and really like them. However, with our patients with hemiplegia, we found that the buttons all got stuck together when using hemi dressing strategies. Instead of putting a magnet on each button, we found that only putting them on a few buttons at the top of the shirt worked better. It made it easier to thread the shirt over the affected limb and head but kept the buttons from sticking together.

Carlie Daniels
Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan

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